March 24, 2015

401k & IRA Management

401k Rollover’s

Many people will change jobs over the course of their lives and with that many are left with old 4o1k’s that they are uncertain of what to do with.  You really have four main options when you’re faced with what to do with an old 401k plan.

The Four Main Options of Old 401k’s:

  • Option 1: Leave the plan where it’s at
  • Option 2: Cash the account out (taxes, penalties and fee’s may apply)
  • Option 2: Roll the plan into a current employers 401k
  • Option 3: Roll the plan into another Retirement Account

We also review many 401k plans and if your employer has a plan that you would like reviewed by us please don’t hesitate to ask.

Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Management:

Whether you are ready to start your first IRA, or need a little assistance with an existing account.  We can implement a strategy based on your needs and set you up in the right direction.  We can show you the advantages of each type of IRA account, simply ask us which is best for you.

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