June 22, 2017

Joseph Gissy

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Gissy is a Financial Advisor for Capital Management Services Inc. a Registered Investment Advisor, with the corporate office which is based out of St. Louis, MO.  Joseph works out of their west coast office based in Westlake Village, California.  Capital Management’s specialty has been portfolio management and retirement planning since 1986.

In 2015 Joseph registered with ABC Financial Education Services which provides education for adults on over 150 campuses’ nationwide.  These classes are centered around retirement planning.  The starting point within ABC Financial Education is the Maximizing Social Security Course.

In February of 2016 Joseph completed his training and registration as a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA).  NSSA has a code of ethics to promote education to the public, while providing unbiased advice without regard to product sales and commission.

Joseph has been an Independent Advisor Representative and is a Fee-Only wealth management, retirement planning and social security planner.  Creating a full retirement roadmap for clients is a must for Joseph which is why he is considered an overall Peak Portfolio Strategist.  According to Joseph putting together a growth portfolio is only one piece of the puzzle. “You have to look at how all assets tie together in order to achieve a true financial plan for people to be able to retire comfortably”.  He identified a need for this type of service as he came to find that many financial institutions only offer specific products to sell, or push just one element of a financial plan.

Joseph found that from working with clients there are typically 5 questions that frequently are asked:

  • How can I maximize my Social Security?
  • How can I preserve my wealth?
  • How do all of my assets tie together and how can I make a plan with what I have accumulated?
  • What can I do to mitigate taxes?
  • How can I leave some money behind for my heirs or a charity?

Many of these questions are taught through the courses Joseph teaches and students have the opportunity to sit down and meet with him to go over their specific situation.

Westlake Village Office

Joseph Gissy’s credentials can be found through the following resources:

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National Social Security Advisor
National Ethics Association
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