March 24, 2015

Wealth Management

Wealth Management |Fiduciary – Fee Only

You work hard for your money!  Now take just a few minutes and learn how Capital Management Services, Inc can invest it for you.  We are a hands-on management team that monitors market activity and collects and analyzes various layers of data, each and every market day.  This level of engagement with your investments allows us to build a truly standout portfolio for you – and one that will also cater to your own personal tastes and needs.

We get zero commissions when we re-balance, which means less money spent from your account on fees and other expenses. We only charge fees for Assets Under Management based upon your portfolio size.  This helps keep your best interest in the forefront by keeping costs down.  

Tactical Managed Portfolios

We do not believe in a “Buy and Hope” strategy when it comes to managing a clients portfolio.  We strongly believe that in order to survive in today’s market environment we need to be actively managing our clients assets.  That means that we look at multiple asset classes and use indicators rather than trying to time the market when we move our portfolios around.  We have a great article that talks about Buy and Hold, Truth or Fiction that you may read by clicking on the link.


Want to check out our latest performance?  Click here to see how some of our models are performing.

Risk Tolerance and Second Opinions

We also believe that a clients Risk Tolerance Level should be updated on an annual basis.  For the vast majority of people, we set up our 401(k) accounts with our employer and we fill out a risk questionnaire to see what type of retirement account “class” we are going to be placed in.  It’s typically called set it and forget it.  However, your risk does change over time, and as we inch closer to retirement you may find that your Risk Tolerance is lower than it was when you set your plan up.  If you would like to see where you are on the Risk spectrum with a real dollar amount, click the link below and fill out the questionnaire.  There are only 5-7 questions and it takes just a few minutes.  Afterwards, when you receive your score we can take a look at your current holdings and give you a Free Second Opinion and see if your current portfolio matches your current risk tolerance.

Custodians We Use

We work with multiple Industry Leading Custodians that hold our clients funds.  Below you will find a few examples.  With Capital Management Services, Inc. we never hold our clients assets directly.  We help our clients set up their own account with our Custodian Partners in their name so that we never posses their funds.  We are only given trading discretion over the account to help tactically manage the funds.  Your account is held in your name and allows you the ability to access it anytime.

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