401(k) & IRA Management

401(k) Rollovers

As we all know (and have usually done ourselves, many a time), people today are changing employers more frequently than ever; with that, there are many ‘old’ 401(k) accounts at former employers that are not only left behind, but quite literally forgotten-about.  Most employees typically have little idea on what exactly to do next with these old accounts.

The Four Primary Options for Your Old 401(k)s:

  • Option 1: Leave your account where it currently sits and remain in that plan’s investment options
  • Option 2: Cash the account out (heavy taxes, penalties and fees usually apply)
  • Option 2: Roll the plan into a current employer’s 401(k)
  • Option 3: Roll the plan into another retirement account

We advise on many 401(k) plans and can do the same for you, as well as go over all the above-options with you.  We’re ready to help you maximize the potential of all these types of assets, wherever they currently reside!

Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Management:

If you’re ready to start funding your first IRA – or just need a better approach with an existing one – we can implement a strategy for you, one that even includes the same sophisticated set of tactical methods that we’d apply to an institutional client.