Buying Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)–Certified Products

Do you know the source of the wood products you use? If not, the printer paper, newly built deck, or other wood-based products you use could be destructing forest ecosystems and threatening wildlife. You can help protect these forests by opting to buy wood products with the FSC certification.

How do wood products hurt ecosystems?

When wood comes from illegal, uncontrolled forestry operations, its harvest can destroy important forests, threatening indigenous tribes and local communities that rely on these lands for their livelihood. Removing forests also wipes away the homes of animals that depend on them, such as orangutans and elephants. The United States is among the world’s major consumer countries that together import roughly $6 billion of illegally harvested wood each year.

What is FSC–Certified wood?

The Forest Stewardship Council is the only global certification system in forest management that uses an independent third-party to rank practices for social, environmental, and economic standards. Products with an FSC certification are verified to be responsibly sourced, with no forest ecosystems harmed during the harvesting process.

You can learn more about the FSC certification on The Nature Conservancy’s website.

Tip courtesy of The Nature Conservancy[i]