Hit a Knockdown Lob Shot

Hit a Knockdown Lob Shot It may seem counterintuitive to use “knockdown” and “flop shot” in the same sentence, but it works. Hitting a good, go-to flop shot is easier than you think. First, make sure you notice the loft of your lob wedge. Most hover in the 58- to 60-degree range, meaning you should[…]

When & How to Release

When & How to Release The release in a golf swing is important because this movement generates up to seven times more clubhead speed than usual if it is executed correctly. The release of cocked wrists upon impact with the ball is a natural motion that results from a proper setup, address, backswing, and downswing.[…]

Unleash Your Inner Lag

Unleash Your Inner Lag Just what is “lag,” anyway? Lag comes from proper sequencing on the downswing, not from trying to artificially hold onto the angle. Proper force generation and sequencing comes from the ground up and winds “out” into the club. Try the following drill to see if you can get the feel for[…]

Control Your Drive in Crosswinds

Control Your Drive in Crosswinds Golfers fighting wind that zips and zags across the fairway commonly affects their normal shot shape. And for golfers who tend to slice, this scenario will create an even bigger uphill battle. To overcome this challenge and control your drive, golfers need to hit low in order to keep the[…]

Improve Control in Fairway Sand

Improve Control in Fairway Sand Fairway bunkers intimidate many golfers. Fortunately, a few simple tweaks to your setup can give you confidence and control to hit the ball out of the sand with a smooth swing. Here are some tips to help you improve your control in these challenging situations. Step 1 – Select the[…]