Green Your Pets

Are you looking for ways to reduce your pet’s pawprint on the environment? These tips can help ensure your pet is living green, which could mean a healthier pet, too.

  1. Look for eco-friendly pet toys and beds. Give your furry pals products made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers such as hemp, and made with nontoxic ingredients. A hemp collar and leash is hypoallergenic and the fabric gets softer with wear and tear. For bedding, look for pet beds made with organic cottons.
  2. Put No. 2 in its place. When you are walking your dog, be a good neighbor and environmental steward—pick up their poo using a biodegradable bag so that your dog’s waste doesn’t take 100 years to decompose in a landfill. Cat owners should avoid clumping clay litters. The clay is strip-mined, which is harmful to the environment, and the clay sediment contains carcinogenic silica dust that your cat can ingest.
  3. Adopt a “recycled” pet from a shelter or rescue group. There are 70,000 puppies and kittens born and abandoned every day in the United States. One of the best and most humane things you can do is to adopt a “recycled” pet from a local animal shelter or animal rescue group. They will thank you with unconditional love, endless snuggles, and sloppy kisses.

Tips courtesy of The Nature Conservancy[i]