Client Services

Capital Management Services, Inc. offers various services and packages for individuals, investors, and families.

Fiduciary and Fee Only Wealth Management
‘Fiduciary’ means that we put our clients’ best interests above our own.  We have both a legal and a moral duty to our clients to design personal financial plans that are sensibly and respectfully in-line with our clients’ stated objectives and desires.  We keep conflicts of interest out of the advice we provide.

Fee-Only Wealth Management means no commissions, no products, and no referral fees.

Insurance Services
We provide guidance with life insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities.  We are contracted with many top national carriers in order to obtain products best-suited to you from among a variety of options.

Retirement Planning
Quality of life in retirement means all facets of your financial life being considered as one, as a ‘team effort’ to secure your future in just the way you’d like to see it happen.  Investment management + insurance + Social Security + estate planning + tax mitigation + charitable giving = retirement.

401(k) and Traditional IRA & Roth IRA Planning
Whether you’re changing jobs and need to understand how to handle the 401(k) you’ve left behind, or you need some guidance on which funds to sell or purchase within your current 401(k), we can help.  We’ll also assist you in selecting which type of new IRA account to establish, and we can help manage an existing IRA, too.

‘Second Opinion’ Reviews
If you have a financial portfolio with another advisor or firm and would like to get a second opinion on any plans, products or investment strategies, we’d be happy to review everything with you at no charge.  Call, email or fill-out a contact form on our site, and we’ll book a time convenient for you, right away.

Risk-Tolerance Updates
The level of investment-risk you may be willing to take on, usually evolves as time marches on.  It’s always possible that your current risk tolerance has been somehow mischaracterized, too.  When was the last time you updated your ‘Risk Number’?