Second Opinion Review|When you’re unsure of your holdings

When you purchase a car do you just purchase the first one you see, or do you take a look around and give it some thought?

Maybe you go to a couple of car lots to see what other options are out there for you?  Maybe you ask some friends who know more about cars than you do for their opinion?

What about if you went to the Doctors office and he told you that you were fine, but you still felt sick?  You know that there is “Something” wrong but you don’t know what.  Would you go to another doctor to get a second opinion on that?

Bottom line even in the financial industry you may want to consider receiving an objective second opinion.  You may have an investment, or an insurance product that you are unsure about but maybe you are embarrassed to ask your advisor for the full information?

You may have questions from products your insurance agent is trying to sell you, or a portfolio that your advisor is selling.  Maybe you want to know about annuities for your IRA?  Whatever the question(s) may be, we are here to help answer them for you free of charge.

Typical review subjects that we give Second Opinion Reviews on Include:

  • Annuity, and Annuity Products
  • Insurance Reviews
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds Reviews
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Retirement Account Reviews
  • Social Security Planning Reviews
  • Financial Planning Reviews

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