June 22, 2017

Tony Roylance

Tony Roylance began his career in the financial industry in the mid-1990’s working in the margin department at A.G. Edwards.   A few years later he pursued a childhood dream and became a professional paramedic and firefighter in the St. Louis area.  Continuing his study and interest in the market, Tony was able to put his knowledge to good use serving on the pension boards of the both departments where he has worked and helped others with their defined contribution plans.  Seeing a desperate need for independent financial advice and the importance of active investment management, Tony decided to obtain his Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor designation.

Tony is a lifelong resident of the St. Louis area, a graduate of Belleville East and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  He currently resides in Raintree Plantation in Jefferson county with his wife Kathryn and four children.  When not studying the markets, Tony enjoys being on the golf course as well as enjoying some quiet time on the Big River.

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