Try Window Inserts Before Replacing Drafty Old Windows

Do you have older windows in your home? When you walk by them, do they feel hot to the touch, or do you feel the heat pouring through them when you walk by? When it’s cold outside, is the room noticeably cooler near the windows? If so, you are losing your preferred indoor temperature more through those windows than anywhere else in your home.

Replacing windows can be very expensive. Before you install all new windows in your home, think about giving window inserts a try. Produced by a variety of companies, a window insert is just that: a window-shaped pane of clear, see-through plastic that fits snugly in your window frames to provide an extra barrier of insulation. The net effect is to help keep the temperature outside from becoming the temperature inside.

Window inserts not only might keep you and your family more comfortable, they might also save you money each month on your utility bill.

To learn more about window inserts and how they might reduce your utility bill, talk with a specialist at a home improvement store or go online and do a search for “window inserts.”

Tip courtesy of Green Living Ideas[i]