Unleash Your Inner Lag

Just what is “lag,” anyway? Lag comes from proper sequencing on the downswing, not from trying to artificially hold onto the angle. Proper force generation and sequencing comes from the ground up and winds “out” into the club. Try the following drill to see if you can get the feel for the proper downswing sequence.

  1. Set up to the ground, no ball, with a 6 or 7-iron. Bend both arms and place the shaft on the outer part of your right upper arm. You may have to let go slightly with your right hand.
  2. Turn your shoulders 90 degrees as if you had made a backswing, but keep the club shaft against your right arm.
  3. Make your downswing and see how long you can keep the shaft touching your right arm—at least until your hands get even with your right leg.

Feel the delayed release and then whipping of the clubhead through impact. You should feel your forearms and club turn over naturally.

Result: Delaying the club release through proper sequencing will help you maximize your distance.

Tip courtesy of Stan Moore | Golf Tips Magazine[i]

[i] https://www.golftipsmag.com/instruction/iron-play/unleash-inner-lag/