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As hard as you work for your money, it’s certainly worth investing just a few minutes to learn how Capital Management Services, Inc. can shepherd your money on through to your retirement, and beyond.  We’re a hands-on team that monitors market activity and collects and analyzes various layers of market data, every single business day.  This level of engagement with your investments allows us to build a portfolio tailored to your needs.

Tactically-Managed Portfolios

We do not believe in a ‘Buy and Hope’ strategy when it comes to managing a client’s investment portfolio.  We strongly believe that in order to survive all the many cycles and seasons of the market, we must be ‘active’ vs. ‘passive’ managers of your assets.  ‘Active management’ means that we examine trends in a multitude of asset classes and utilize various real-time market-exposure indicators (rather than trying to anticipate – or ‘time’, as it’s known – market trends) when reallocating your portfolio.  We’ve posted a terrific, quick-read whitepaper here that helps illustrate much of this in stark detail – feel free to review it by clicking on the link below.

Risk Tolerance and Second Opinions

We also believe that a client’s Risk Tolerance Level should be updated on an annual basis; what most investors do, however, is quite different.  Most people simply set up a 401(k) account with an employer, fill-out a risk questionnaire to see what type of retirement account ‘class’ they’re going to be placed in, and then … they never revisit the issue again.  It’s the classic ‘Set it and forget it’ approach which, of course, is probably bit too cavalier an attitude towards such an important issue!  The fact of the matter is that risk tolerances nearly-always change over time; and as people inch closer to retirement, they usually find that their tolerance for risk is lower than it once was.  Getting those changes correctly reflected in your investments, is vital.

If you’d like to see where you are on the risk-spectrum with a real dollar amount, click the link below and answer this brief questionnaire as accurately as you can.  There are only a few questions, and it takes just minutes.  Afterwards, when you receive your score, we can take a look at your investment holdings and give you a Free Second Opinion to see if your current portfolio matches the actual risk tolerance you’ve expressed.

Custodians We Use

We work with multiple industry-leading custodians that hold our clients’ funds.  We’ll help you set up your own account with our custodian partners, in your name, so that we ourselves are never in-possession of your funds.  We are only given trading discretion over the account to help tactically-manage your investments, but your account is yours, and you can access it yourself (and direct monies into and and out-of the account) at any time.

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